Wheelchair Prescription Seminars

We are keen to provide evidenced based training for therapists, both O.T.’s and P.T.’s working in the community, in the assessment and evaluation of the clinical needs of clients with complex seating issuers. Specifically, clients living at home or in the community (e.g. CRU’s) who require a new wheelchair or modifications to an existing seating.

We provide limited pre-reading, but there will be take home assessment forms and background information for extending your skills in the area of wheelchair prescription. This course is fully accredited by SWEP (currently 12 SWEP CPD points) and provides a certificate for 10 CPD towards your yearly professional total.

UN Convention on the Rights of a Person with Disabilities 2006 (CRPD)

“The provision of the correct wheelchair doesn’t just increase mobility, but opens up the social world to the individual and means the ability to participate in a full and active life.

The provision of an appropriate wheelchair for those who need it is a basic human right