Yvonne Duncan and Chris Blackburn are experienced therapists with a long history in the management of clients with complex needs. We know that getting the appropriate equipment at the outset is our goal for people with disability.

Yvonne Duncan

Since arriving in Australia Yvonne has worked for 20 years in the Victorian Spinal Unit where assessments and wheelchair prescriptions were completed for all clients from small children to older adults.Yvonne has worked in the Public and Private sector with people with progressive neuro-muscular conditions and acquired brain injuries. She has taught at La Trobe University, Melbourne University and Deakin University Schools of Physiotherapy and Occup[ational Therapy on Wheelchair prescription.

Yvonne has been involved in the accredited wheelchair prescription courses for the State Wide Equipment Program through the Melbourne campus of Queensland University specialising in assessments including the Mechanical Assessment Tool and wheelchair selection.

She is a member of the International and National Standards Committee ME067 which reviews all information relating to Assistive Technology Products for people with Disability especially all matters relating to wheelchairs. Yvonne now teaches Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapist on Wheelchair Prescription for the Person with Complex Needs while running a small private practice.

Christine Blackburn

Chris has worked in the acute health sector for many years, namely a large metropolitan hospital in the role of allied health team leader, delivering patient contact services as well as clinical team support.

In recent times her role has embraced research in both paediatric and adult teams involved specifically with the challenges of disability. Research fields ranged from orthopaedics and spasticity management together with health department projects that involved the development of specific multidisciplinary neuro-muscular clinics.

She has delivered papers at International and Australian conferences around both research and clinical management strategies. Her current practice provides clinical assessment for clients with complex disability, advice on holistic and a multidisciplinary approach to long term management of their disability, as well as optimising clinical outcomes through goal directed care.