Wheelchair Prescription

1day Workshop

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The first day session is structured around the Mechanical Assessment Tool and the anatomy and measurements behind seating the complex client

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this session you will be able to:-

1. Explain the anatomy of the pelvis and deviations that cause problems in seating the client with complex postural deviations including defining common postural deformity

2. Relate co-morbidities caused by structural postural deviations and joint limitations in clients with a disability including hip dysplasia

3. Fully assess a client using the principles of the Manual Assessment Tool

4. Know how apply body segment angular measurement along with linear measurement when assessing a client

5. Utilise all measurements and assessment observations, translate the data into a seating prescription that is comfortable, meets the goals and comfort of the client, prevents and allays further postural deviations

6. Understand the WHO –ICF principles of management of a client with a disability and apply that in seating prescription

7. Ensure an understanding of the principles of pressure management in seating

8. Ensure that goals of the client are recognized, registered and are achieved

9. Evaluate client satisfaction through the use of standardised outcomes measures

10. Understand the principles of wheelchair prescription

Cost of full day Seminar

The cost of each full day workshop depends on the the location and therefore costs incurred by the venue and also the potential attendance of clients. However we aim to keep the cost to less than $220 for the entire workshop.

To register - download seminar registration form here, and email us